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Welcome to Bikky's Place.  This is the tourney page site for the Beloved Angels League, but anyone is free to use these pages if they choose.   All I ask is that you please leave my signature tag and information attached, as I have worked hard to make these pages.

The tourney pages here are free, and the pictures used to make them have either been found on the internet, created by myself and friends, or downloaded from other media available at home.   All effort has been made to keep credits and copyrights intact.   If I have failed to do so on one of your pictures, please contact me with proof of ownership, and I will be more than happy to either give you credit for your work, or remove your work, whichever you prefer.

Please check back frequently as new tourney pages, and occasional other goodies will be added as time allow.  If you like my site please pass it along to other td's you know.  If you find a glitch or a goof, please contact me and let me know so that I can fix it.

*Note--At the present time i am not doing league pages.  There are some really good designers out there that offer some wonderful league pages.

I am very willing to make special tourney pages for you, if you have a specific request.  Just keep in mind that I am an Administrator for our league, an HTD, a wife, and the caregiver of an elderly mother, so please give me a wee bit of advance warning.  My tourney pages are a labour of love, and I do NOT charge for them.  If you do want a tourney page done for you, I prefer you contact me through e-mail and let me know what you need.  My e-mail link is at the bottom of this page.  Just click on it and send me your request.

Thank you for using my pages.

***NOTE: I am starting a special links page for all the leagues using my tourney pages. If you would like your league added to this page, please leave me a link to your website, either on the message board, or through e-mail.  If you have a special banner you would like used, please e-mail it to me.


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